How to Refill a Cannabis Vape Cartridge

How to Refill a Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Updated: 08/22/2023

When it comes to popular trends in cannabis products, it’s all about the refillable cannabis vape.

As convenient smoking devices gain popularity, it’s no surprise that vaping is trending, too. And with the rise of this smoking device, knowing how to refill a vape cartridge is essential to a smooth vaping experience.

The vape pen cartridge is not only incredibly convenient but offers both cost-effective and environmental benefits, too. By opting for disposable vape cartridges, users can customize their pens to their preferences, choosing specific flavors for their needs, and swapping out vape juice as they choose. Plus, when you refill vape cartridges, users create less waste, opting to only buy new vape cartridges as opposed to the entire pen.

But how do you refill a vape pen? To help you properly refill vape pens, we are breaking down everything you need to know about how to refill a cannabis vape cartridge.

What Is a Cannabis Vape Cartridge and How Does It Work?

What Is a Cannabis Vape Cartridge and How Does It Work?

A cannabis vape is a small, portable device that vaporizes cannabis oil or concentrates. These vapers consist of a cartridge, an atomizer, and a vape pen’s mouthpiece. The vape cartridges are where the cannabis product is stored, which is then heated by the atomizer to create a vaporizing effect.

Unlike a joint or bong, a vape allows you to smoke with little to no scent, limited smoke exhalation, and less harm to the lungs, making it one of the more popular methods today.

Different Types of Cannabis Vape Pens

Due to the popularity of the vape pen, there are many forms of this vaporizing device available at cannabis dispensaries today, including pre-filled and refillable cartridge pens.

Some of the popular vape pens include:

  1. Pre-filled cartridges: Convenient and ready-to-use pens featuring preloaded cannabis oil.
  2. Refillable cartridges: Allows you to add your cannabis oil or concentrates, offering more customization, lower costs, and reduced waste.

In addition to the two different pen types, different forms of cannabis can be used. These include:

different pen types

  • Dry herb vaporizers: Ideal for vaping cannabis flowers.
  • Concentrate vaporizers: Use cannabis concentrates.
  • Hybrid vaporizers: Can be used with both cannabis flowers and concentrates.

Why Choose Refillable Cartridges?

Why Choose Refillable Cartridges?

There are many reasons to opt for cannabis pen refill cartridges. Not only is this form of a vape pen a better investment, but it is also better for the environment, too, creating less waste than disposable cartridges.

In addition, it’s much more affordable to buy one battery and one cartridge that can be used repeatedly. This way, you can use the same device for a longer time. By spending money on just CBD or cannabis oil, you can avoid re-purchasing new pens. All that, and you can customize your fresh oil. It’s a win-win.

Understanding Cannabis Vape Cartridges Parts

When learning how to refill cannabis vape pen devices, it’s important to know about the pen itself. To understand all the small parts that make up your vape pen and how they work with the cartridge to ensure you get the most out of your device, here’s what you need to know.


The mouthpiece is where the vapor comes out of the pen, which you inhale for the effects of your oil of choice. Not all pens feature the same style of mouthpiece, and you will notice differences in the width from brand to brand. While some mouthpieces will have wider gaps in their width, others will have a more narrow design, depending on your preferences. When exploring vape pens, keep in mind which mouthpiece design you prefer.



The vape battery is what allows the vape pen to be reused, allowing it to produce less waste than other devices. The pen will come with a charger, which keeps the pen charged.


The atomizer is part of the pen that helps turn CBD juice or THC juice into puffs of clouds when inhaled, acting as the heating element. With this, the atomizer turns the juice into a gaseous state by heating it up, emitting that tell-tale cloud of smoke.


The tank is the term used for the cartridge where the oil or juice is stored. Typically, the tank is clear so you can see the fill line and how much is left for easy knowledge of when it’s time to refill.

Gathering the Necessary Supplies

Before refilling a vape pen cartridge, there are some essential supplies to gather in order to better support refilling your pen.

The supplies needed to refill your vape includes:

  • Empty cartridges: Ensure you have an empty cartridge attachment ready to be filled.
  • Distillate oil: Select your distillate oil of choice to refill your new cartridge.
  • A syringe and needle: A syringe and needle are essential to precisely measure and transfer the oil to the cartridge.
  • Heat source: Sometimes, a hotplate is recommended to help warm the oil to make it easier to work with.
  • Empty vials: If you need to mix your distillate with any additives or terpenes, or add a customized flavor, vials are a must.

Ensuring you have these supplies on hand will help make the refilling process smoother, refilling your oil cartridge without error.

Preparing for Vape Pen Refilling

To prepare a vape pen to refill, it’s important to keep cleanliness, hygiene, and the proper handling procedures in mind.

Using a clean refill is essential to ensuring a smooth, optimal vaping experience. To do this, start by cleaning and sanitizing the cartridge, removing any dirt or debris, as well as leftover oil. We recommend using isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol, and a cotton swab to get it properly clean.

Ensure your cannabis oil or concentrate is properly stored in a cool, dark space to ensure it maintains its quality and potency. In addition, ensure you always use clean utensils to avoid contamination in the refilling process. Maintaining these clean standards will prolong the lifespan of your vape pen and create a better vaping experience.

Refilling Your Vape Pen Cartridge: 5 Steps

Refilling Your Vape Pen Cartridge: 5 Steps


Now, it’s time to learn how to refill a cannabis vape cartridge. Whether you’re using your vape for medical use or recreational use, it’s vital to maintain safety and care when refilling it. With this straightforward, comprehensive guide, we are breaking down the steps to refill a cartridge so you can enjoy your pen, without hurting your wallet or the environment. Let’s get into it so you can get started!

Step 1: Unscrew the Mouthpiece

The first step is to unscrew or unbolt the mouthpiece. To do so, you have to move the mouthpiece clockwise until it becomes loose. However, to avoid breaking the device, never force it, but be gentle to ensure the mouthpiece easily removes.

If you force off the mouthpiece or turn it the wrong way, you can impact the vape pen’s thread that holds the gasket, which prevents the device from leaking products.

Since not all cartridges or pens are the same, be sure to read the directions about your pen before opening your mouthpiece.

Step 2: Open the Cartridge

Now it’s time to open the cartridge. Before diving into this process, you should have purchased new cartridges or the juice you want to replace. Depending on the pen you have, most cartridges should open by twisting the parts.

To avoid leakage, it’s important to be careful with your cartridges when opening them. If you have oil leakage, you can clean it up with a cotton swab but do not use soap as it can break your pen.

Step 3: Refill Vape Cartridge

Now that you have an empty cartridge, it’s time to refill. You can purchase e-juice or fresh oil at a health food store, or THC juice from a local dispensary to refill a vape. To help with your refilling process, the two commonly used tools are the syringe and the medicine dropper.

The syringe is the most commonly used tool to refill pen cartridges. However, to avoid spilling, it does require a steady hand. To use a syringe, leave the cartridge attached to the battery for more stability. Then, fill the syringe with the oil or e-juice. you chose, and gently push the tip into the vape cartridge, filling it to the max fill line. In case you spill, you can remove the juice with a swab.

Another common tool is the medicine dropper. If you do not have a syringe available, this is a great alternative. Before filling your pen, see how big the drops are from the dropper – depending on the size, it can take some practice to carefully drip the oil into your device. This can take a bit of time to master and avoid leaks.

No matter the fluid you choose, whether e-liquid or distillate, be sure you never overfill the cartridge. If you do accidentally go above the max fill line, you can pour some out.

Step 4: Reassemble Your Device

Now that you’ve refilled the cartridge, it’s time to put it all back together!

Once you’ve capped the cartridge, screw the mouthpiece back on in a clockwise direction. Be sure to be gentle with this process, just as you were when taking it apart.

Step 5: Allow It To Set

Before smoking your vape pen, you have to prime the cartridge. This will allow the wick to saturate in the new liquid, giving you a better vaping experience. All it takes is leaving the pen upright for about five to ten minutes, letting the new CBD oil or THC liquid distribute.

Expert Tips for Refilling Your Vape Cartridge

To help you master the art of filling your reusable cartridge, here are a few expert tips from our team.

  1. Read your pen’s instructions before refilling it. Some cartridges may have special requirements, while others might not be refillable at all!
  2. Always have paper towels or tissue laid on your workspace to absorb any spills.
  3. It is always better to underfill your cartridge than overfill it. Too much liquid can put the pen under stress, causing it to lose power faster.
  4. Accidents are normal! If you refill a cartridge and it breaks or stops working with your pen, try again to get it right.
  5. Use an eye dropper or small funnel if you don’t have a syringe.
  6. Always make sure you secure and seal the mouthpiece after refilling.
  7. When refilling, take the time to clean the vape cartridge and tank, especially when using a new flavor.

Proper Vape Cartridge Maintenance for Long-Lasting Vape Cartridges and Fewer Refills

Proper Vape Cartridge Maintenance for Long-Lasting Vape Cartridges and Fewer Refills

To help ensure the longevity of your cartridges, there are some key storage tips to know to ensure they remain clean and strong for years to come. At Windy City Cannabis, we recommend:

  • Storing them vertically to prevent breakage or spills.
  • Store in cool areas, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Make sure they are kept in a well-ventilated area.
  • For juices or oils, keep them out of high-moisture or heavy sunlight areas.

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Mastering how to refill a vape cartridge can open up the customization possibilities of your pen, creating a more budget-friendly vaping experience. By following these expert tips and tricks, you can begin the journey of refilling your pen with all your favorite oils and concentrates.

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