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Homewood Cannabis Dispensary

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2-6 PM: Usually as busy as it gets

About Our Dispensary in Homewood

Our Homewood dispensary got a facelift! Offering both medical and recreational cannabis, our Windy City Cannabis dispensary near Homewood, IL is double in size to offer a new and improved store, elevating your cannabis experience in style.

Located right on 1137 West 175th Street, our Homewood dispensary menu features both medical and recreational cannabis products, allowing both patients and cannabis enthusiasts to reap the benefits of the cannabis plant. With a menu including everything from flower, pre-rolls, and vapes to edibles, tinctures, and even apparel, we are proud to offer the top, high-quality, reliable cannabis products available on the market today.

To explore our new-and-improve Homewood “weed” dispensary, and explore our vast menu, check it out in-store or online today!

The Windy City Cannabis Homewood dispensary features medical + recreational cannabis for purchase.

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Our Products in Homewood

Explore the recreational and medical cannabis products at our dispensary near Homewood, IL.