Recreational Cannabis

Recreational Cannabis: How to Buy and Enjoy Cannabis Legally in Illinois

Since the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act in 2020, Illinois recreational dispensary options have been growing in numbers, featuring new strains, unique cannabis products, and solutions for everyone’s needs and preferences. As the leading recreational dispensary in Illinois, with a vast range of products for both recreational and medical cannabis use, Windy City Cannabis is here to help you explore cannabis, or recreational “marijuana” in Illinois.

Demystifying the Regulations Surrounding Legal Cannabis Use in Illinois

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois, there are just a few regulations to be aware of when indulging in recreational cannabis. While it is legal, being aware of the rules and regulations surrounding legal Illinois recreational cannabis use is essential.

Per the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, recreational cannabis purchases have the following requirements:

  • You must be 21 years of age.
  • You must present a valid, government-issued photo ID.

If you meet both of these requirements, you are welcome to shop at any recreational dispensary in Illinois.

Understanding the Cannabis Purchase and Possession Limits in Illinois

Depending on if you are an Illinois resident or a non-resident, there are different rules and regulations surrounding your visit to a recreational dispensary and the use of recreational cannabis. In addition, there are specific laws around both purchase and possession limits. Let’s break it down.

Cannabis Purchase and Possession Limits for Illinois Residents

For Illinois residents, you are permitted to purchase and possess:

  • Up to 30 grams of cannabis flower
  • Up to 5 grams of cannabis concentrate
  • Up to 500mg of THC in cannabis-infused products, including edibles.

Cannabis purchase and possession limits for non-Illinois residents

For those that are not a resident of Illinois, you are permitted to purchase and possess:

  • Up to 15 grams of cannabis flower
  • Up to 2.5 grams of cannabis concentrate
  • Up to 250mg of THC in cannabis-infused products, including edibles.

The Tax Requirements for Buying Recreational Cannabis in Illinois Explained

In addition to rules and regulations around how much you can purchase and possess, there is also an Illinois cannabis tax imposed on all purchases, as well as an additional local tax.

To better understand this, let’s take a look at both state and local taxes, including:

  • Cannabis products including flowers less than 35% THC have a 10% sales tax.
  • Cannabis-infused products have a 20% sales tax, no matter the THC level.
  • Cannabis products with over 35% THC concentrations have a 25% sales tax.

On top of this, there is a sales tax for cannabis in Illinois. For those that qualify for medical cannabis in Illinois, the sales tax is 1%, and for those who don’t, the sales tax is 6.25%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a medical card to buy recreational cannabis?

    No, in order to access recreational cannabis, all you need is a valid photo ID and to be 21 years or older. However, to access medical cannabis, you do need a medical cannabis card. 

  • Can I use recreational cannabis anywhere in Illinois?

    No, there are rules and regulations surrounding where you can use recreational cannabis. It is only legal to use recreational cannabis in a private residence, and you must be 21 years or older. It is illegal in Illinois to use cannabis in public places, vehicles, around minors, and anywhere smoking is prohibited. 

  • What happens if I'm caught with more than the legal possession limit?

    If you obtain more than the legal limit of recreational cannabis in Illinois, you are subject to fines and potential legal penalties, depending on how much cannabis you carry. Civil fines of $100 to $200 are enforced for possession of 10 grams to less than 30 grams. Higher amounts result in misdemeanor charges, jail time, and higher fines.

  • What is the difference between medical and recreational cannabis in Illinois?

    There are a few ways in which medical and recreational cannabis differ in Illinois. To access medical cannabis, you must have an Illinois medical card, which can only be obtained through application and the presence of a qualifying condition. 

    In addition, medical cannabis has a lower tax rate, and the products offered often cost less. Recreational cannabis, on the other hand, is subject to higher state and local taxes. 

    Unlike recreational cannabis, there is no limit to how much medical cannabis a registered patient can buy or possess at one time. In addition, medical cannabis can be used anywhere if you are a legal cardholder, and not just in a private residence as is the law with recreational cannabis.