Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Homewood

Ready-to-enjoy cannabis pre-rolls with the finest flower and new strains. Convenient and popular.


What’s a Cannabis Pre-Roll?

A cannabis joint, or pre-rolled “weed,” refers to the form of cannabis that is rolled up in a cigarette style, and filled with ground cannabis flower.

At Windy City Cannabis, we offer a range of CBD and THC pre-rolls with a variety of strains to suit your preferences. Whether visiting us online or in stores, we feature a range of pre-rolled cones, pre-rolled joints, CBD pre-rolls, blunt pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls, and pre-roll packs.

With easy access to different strains, our quality pre-rolls come at an affordable price, allowing you to enjoy your favorite strain of cannabis, without worrying about rolling your own joints.

Cannabis Pre-Roll

How Pre-Rolled Blunts and Joints Work

While many believe cannabis pre-rolls are always rolled by hand, we are here to debunk the rumor.

Most pre-rolls available today, whether you opt to smoke THC joints or CBD blunts, are loaded and rolled by a machine, ensuring a more standardized roll. Each pre-roll is filled with a trim, serving as a base in the roll made up of a blend of buds and bits of leaf from the cannabis plant. Then, this trim can be rolled as a cone, joint, blunt, or other wrap depending on your preferences.

Depending on the pre-roll you choose, users will experience full results within 1 to 10 minutes, depending on what the pre-roll is filled with. The effects of smoking cannabis pre-rolls are different for everyone and it may take only a few hints of a joint or cones to feel the effects.

Cannabis Pre-Roll

Benefits of Using Pre-Rolled Cannabis

There are a number of benefits when opting for cannabis.

When purchasing pre-rolls, users can have the peace of mind that they know exactly what they are getting. Pre-rolls at Windy City Cannabis are carefully packed with specific strains and flower options, ensuring you know what you’re smoking.

In addition, our pre-rolls make it easy to explore different stains and mixtures. Our pre-rolls allow you to explore different mixed options or blends, ensuring you get the right balance of CBD or THC for your smoking preferences. Plus, the pre-roll price is typically more affordable, with a more discreet and on-the-go-friendly format.

Cannabis Pre-Roll

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s in a pre-roll?

    In the most basic form, pre-rolls are cannabis joints that are filled with the flower, already ready and rolled for your enjoyment. This roll will include the flower, rolling paper, and a small filter at the end where you place your mouth.

    There can be a number of different strains in your pre-rolls. The types you can sample in a pre-roll include Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, depending on your desired effects, and a variety of different strains within those categories.

  • What is the difference between cannabis joints and blunts?

    The difference between cannabis pre rolled joints and pre rolled blunts is the material used to pack and roll the flower. Joints pack crushed cannabis in a thin paper, while blunts utilize tobacco leaf paper.

  • How do I know if a pre-roll is of good quality?

    While a pre roll being passed around at a party may not give you any indication of quality, our carefully curated selection at Windy City Cannabis guarantees quality. When smoking a pre-rolled joint of blunt, you will know it’s high-quality when you experience a consistent flavor, from the very first puff until the end. This should feature a robust, smooth flavor. You can guarantee this kind of quality when shopping at one of our dispensaries.

  • How are pre-rolls made?

    Pre-rolls are made using special machines that fill and roll your blunt or joint. To do this, an empty cone is held in place, while a funnel is used to feed ground cannabis flowers into the paper. Then, the pre-roll is tampered down by the machine and made ready for use.

    When it comes to what’s inside your pre roll, some are made with a shake, popcorn flower, or premium flower. In addition, our dispensaries offer infused pre-rolls, which will include extracts from options like kief and hash. Due to popularity, there is a vast range of pre roll varieties available today.