Cannabis Tinctures in Homewood

Explore our growing assortment of CBD and THC tinctures. Benefits for recreational and medical users.


What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

A cannabis tincture, also known as a weed tincture or marijuana tinctures, is a liquid form of cannabis that can be consumed. These tincture drops are taken by dropping the THC tincture liquid under the tongue, allowing it to absorb into the bloodstream to feel the effects. For cannabis tinctures, the infusions are made using an oil or alcohol as cannabinoids aren’t naturally water-soluble.

The cannabis tinctures available today are available in a variety of potencies and ratios, allowing you to choose between a high or low dose, as well as the THC content to get your ideal effects. With this full spectrum array of cannabinoids, keep in mind that it will affect everyone differently.

Typically, these tinctures for sale are ideal for non-smokers, or those looking for a more discreet method than smoking cannabis.

Cannabis Tinctures

How Cannabis Tinctures Are Made

A cannabis tincture is made in carrier oil, like your everyday olive or coconut oil. To make a THC or CBD tincture, all you need is two ingredients – the oil and the cannabis flower. With this process, the flower will float in a pan of oil as it gently heats for a few hours to infuse the oil or alcohol with the cannabinoid content. Once this is done, it is strained to remove the plant matter and put in a container for use and often taken with a dropper.

This method is ideal as it exhibits excellent absorption of cannabinoids into fat, and it’s a very simple process.

Keep in mind, if you opt to use alcohol to make a tincture, the cannabis will need to be preheated to prepare for infusion. It isn’t safe to heat liquid alcohol for a cannabis tincture.

Cannabis Tinctures

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

There are many benefits when opting to use cannabis tinctures.

Tinctures have long been used in American medicine, dating back to 1851, and serve as an effective way to use cannabis in a carefully dosed format. Whether opting for THC or CBD tinctures, dosing is made easiest when the dropper has markings to show the dosing sizes of the tincture. This will help you consume the right amount, customizing your dosage for your own personal experience. Thankfully, many THC and CBD tinctures today come with droppers with markings and dosage suggestions on the packaging.

But what are the benefits of the tincture itself? Whether opting for THC or CBD, a tincture can help with pain management, stress, anxiety, sleep, relaxation, boosting focus, and elevating mood. With a range of benefits, the tincture is a go-to for many recreational and medical cannabis users.

Cannabis Tinctures

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use and dose cannabis tinctures?

    To use and dose a tincture, first, take a look at the product’s packaging. Depending on the strain and cannabinoid content in the product, there will be suggestions for proper dosing. For beginners, start with the lowest dosage to see how it affects you. Then, take a look at the markings on the dropper, and place the proper dosing beneath your tongue, allowing it to absorb into your bloodstream. Then, it’s time to wait for the effects!

  • What are the types of cannabis tinctures?

    There are a variety of types of cannabis tinctures for sale. Today, there are both oil-based and alcohol-based tinctures. This refers to the way the cannabis flower was infused, whether in oil or alcohol. In addition, you can find both THC and CBD tinctures for sale at dispensaries. These two options for a tincture will provide different effects since THC is the option that will cause you to experience a high, while CBD will not. This is due to the fact that CBD tinctures are usually derived from hemp, while THC is derived from cannabis.

  • How do I know which tincture is right for me?

    Which tincture is right for you depends largely on your unique needs and preferences. For instance, a tincture with high amounts of CBD and less THC will offer more relaxation benefits and less of a high, while one with higher THC will still have relaxation benefits, but with a high effect. Our team can help you find your best balance depending on your preferences when visiting a local location.

  • How long do the effects of cannabis tinctures last?

    Depending on the dosage you take and the THC content, tinctures can last anywhere from one to eight hours. Everyone’s body is different, and the dosage you take will vary in its effects.